Andorid on Gigabyte M528

Android on Gigabyte M528 (aka, Compal Jax 10, Aigo MID P8880)

What work:
  1. keyboard: almost works, however the keycode of the ENTER key is 96, which means we need add 'key 96 ENTER' to 'AT_Translated_Set_2_keyboard.kl'
  2. display: VESA console, vga=785 (640x480). Yeah, this is not the native resolution (800x480), Porting Poulsbo video driver from Moblin project will probably works.
  3. WLAN: The libertas_sdio in Android 2.6.27 kernel doesn't work for me. I had to port Moblin's modified Marvell 8688_a2 driver to the 2.6.27 kernel.  Note that libertas_sdio could be loaded without problem, but when I tried 'iwconfig eth0 essid xxxx', the system just hung there. I didn't try wpa_supplicant yet.
What probably will work, but I haven't tried yet:
  1. WCDMA/HSDPA modem
  2. GPS
  3. touch screen: the touch screen controller of M528 is IdeaCom UTS6680. The controller is attached PS/2 aux port. It seems the controller supports several packet formats. The one used by IdeaCom driver is proprietary (sic?) 5-byte format. The first byte indicates the status of buttons; the second and third bytes report Y position; the fourth and fifth bytes tell  X position.
What probably won't work:
  • volume buttons, camera button, and smartkey: in the MIDLinux, those buttons need a kernel module (EcIo.ko), a library (/usr/lib/, and some executable files (such as, '/usr/bin/smartkey') to work.
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